Wednesday, September 28, 2016


1.      The first woman to feature on a US Dollar note-

(A) Billie Jean King             

(B)  Harriet Tubman

(C)  Jackie Kennedy Onassis

(D) Ayn Rand

2.      The first tennis player to earn US 100 million in prize money-

(A) Ivan Lendi                    

(B)  Roger Federer

(C)  Novak Djokovic            

(D) D. Rod Laver

3.      The term 'Google Tax' is a misnomer because-

(A) Google is exempt from paying tax

(B)  Google earns most of its income from 'search', not advertising

(C)  Google has a permanent establishment in India

(D) It applies only to hardware business

4.      The 'Bostan Tea Party' was a protest against-

(A) Taxation imposed by the British

(B)  Tax payable by slave-owners in Bostan

(C)  Export duties imposed on tea

(D) Zero import duty imposed on coffee

5.  SSBI's circular on mutual fund redemption in the event of dislocations state that_

(A) Redemption up to Rs. 2 lakhs must be made on demand

(B)  Redemption can only be held back for period of 10 days, once every 90 days

(C)  Both (A) and (B)

(D) The new rules will apply only on liquid funds

6. Public sector's bank's Gross Non Performing Assets as on March 31, 2016 are of the order of-

(A) Rs. 5.3 lakhs crore

(B)  Rs. 4.3 lakhs crore

(C)  Rs. 3.3 lakhs crore

(D) Rs. 2.3 lakhs crore

7.      Which of the public sector banks has recorded profit in 2015-2016?

(A) Punjab National Bank

(B)  Canara Bank

(C)  Bank of Baroda

(D) Union Bank of India

8.      Which of the following banks has lowest Net Non-performing Assets as per cent of net advances in 2015-16?

(A) YES Bank                                 

(B)  HDFC Bank

(C)  State Bank of India      

(D) Kotak Mahindra Bank

9.      Which Indian Company has highest market capitalization as on June 13, 2016?

(A) Tata Consultancy Services

(B)  Reliance Industries

(C)  HDFC Bank


10.     What is 'S4A'?

(A)  A scheme for sustainable structuring of stressed assets of commercial banks

(B)  Service sectors sustainable system for advancement

(C)  A scheme for social surveillance of Scheduled caste adults

(D) A software for social surveillance

11.     Consider the following statements about New National Aviation Policy 2016 and choose the correct code given below-

I.       It is the first ever national aviation policy since independence

II.    5/20 requirements have been done away

III. Regional  Connectivity Scheme will come into effect from 1 July, 2016

IV. Airfare of about Rs 2500 per passengers for a one-hour flight

The correct code is:

(A) I and II are correct

(B)  II, III and IV are correct

(C)  I, III and IV are correct

(D) All are correct

12.     Which of the following is the leading micro finance institution in India?

(A) Janalakshmi                    


(C)  Ujjivan                           

(D) Equatas

13.     Which of the following states leads in the distribution of loans by micro finance institutions?

(A) Telangana                       

(B) Karnataka

(C)  Tamil Nadu                    

(D) Uttar Pradesh

14.     In which country did a referendum in 2016 decided in favour of its separation from European Union?

(A) France                            

(B) Germany

(C)  UK                                 

(D) None of these

15.     The classification in the Union Budget 2016-17 for Centrally-sponsored schemes have been changed to_

(A) 'Core of the core                        

(B) 'core'

(C)  'optimal'                         

(D) All of the above

16.     As per forbes magazine's latest estimates the net worth of a company's founder became zero

The company is-

(A) Valeant Pharmaceuticala

(B)  Theranos

(C)  Pinterest

(D) Palantir

17.     Which of these founders has the distinction of launching two 'Unicorns'?

(A) Evan Spiegel                 

(B)  Travis Kalanick

(C)  Jack Dorsey                   

(D) Kevin Systrom

18.     Which of the following served as the Governor of RBI for shortest period?

(A) B. N.  Adarkar              

(B)  N.C. Sengupta

(C)  K.G. Ambegaokar                     

(D) Amitabh Ghosh

19.     Which is the first Commercial Bank in India to introduce advance payment of tax through its mobile app?

(A) HDFC Bank                    

(B)   ICIC Bank

(C)  Digibank                                      

(D) State Bank of India

20.     Consider the List I and List II and choose the correct code given below-

List I


(a)   Maharashtra                 

(b) Tamil Nadu

(c)    Uttar Pradesh               

(d) Karnataka

List II

(GDP in US trillion)

1. 0.267                              

2. 0.167

3.  0.156                              

4. 0.135

The correct code is:

        A         B         C         D

(a)    2            4          1          3

(b)   1            2          3          4

(c)    1            3          2          4

(d)   4            3          2          1

21.     prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched RAPID, five-point mantra to tax official to reforms and broaden the direct tax net base. Which of the following is not a part of it?

(A) Revenue                        

(B)  Accountability

(C)  Probity                          

(D) Declaration

22.     Which of the following statements is incorrect about SWAYAM?

(A) It stands for Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds

(B)  Microsoft is going to design mobile application SWAYAM platform

(C)  Under this platform ministry of HRD is going to launch 2000 Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) for over three crore students in the year 2016

(D) UGC has signed a deal of Rs 38 crore with Microsoft which will be running the app for three years and later UGC will take over it

23.     Which country is the largest consumer of oil in the world?

(A) USA                               

(B) China

(C)  UK                                 

(D) Saudi Arabia

24.     Which of the organizations has been formally joined by India as a full member in June 2016?

(A) NSG                              


(C)  NATO                  

(D) Wassenaar Arrangement

25.     The richest state of India is …….. as per RBI's latest report,2016

(A) Punjab                           

(B)  Tamil Nadu

(C)  Maharashtra      

(D) Uttar Pradesh

26.     Which of the following countries is not a member of the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR)?

(A) India                               

(B) China

(C)  USA                               

(D) Luxembourg

27.    India's place in Global Human Capital Tndex-2016 is-

(A) 85th                                 

(B) 95th

(C)  105th                               

(D) 115th

28.  Which of the following indicators has not been used by RBI to study the stability of banks?

(A) Soundness and liquidity

(B)  Asset Quality

(C)  Profitability, and efficiency

(D) Corporate social responsibility

29.     Overall credit and deposit growth rates of scheduled commercial banks in India during 2015-16 have been-

(A) 8.8% & 8.1% on y-o-y basis

(B)  9.4% & 9.9% on y-o-y basis

(C)  11.2% & 12.6% on y-o-y basis

(D) 12.6% & 13.9% on y-o-y basis

30.     Which of the following sections of Delhi Metro has been named as 'Heritage Corridor'?

(A) ITO-Kashmiri Gate

(B)  Central secretarial-Badarpur

(C)  Noida City Centre- Dwarika

(D) New Delhi-Indira Gandhi International Airport

31.     Which of the following statements is true about 'Indus OS'?

(A) It is a private scheduled commercial Bank

(B)  It is a micro finance company working in West Bengal

(C)  It is a regional language mobile operation system-a text-to-speech engine

(D) It is a mobile handset

32.     Which of the following statements is incorrect about contactless credit cards in India?

(A) They can be issued by any bank operating in India

(B)  They can be used for payments up to Rs 5000 only

(C)  They rely on near field communication technology

(D) Such cards can also double up as regular cards

33.     'Tracking Error', a metric commonly used in the case of index funds, is the ……… between the returns of the fund and the underlying index.

(A) Beta                               

(B)  Correlation

(C)  Standard Deviation       

(D) Alpha

34.     Which of the following mutual funds recently launched India's first ever fixed - income exchanged-traded fund?

(A) HDFC                            

(B)  Franklin Templeton

(C)  LIC                               


35.     Android Pay is at present available in only one Asian country.

Which is it?

(A) Singapore                                   

(B) India

(C)  China                              

(D) Malaysia

36.     What is Altman Z-Score?

(A) It measures that a company is likely to be taken over

(B)  It tells that a company is likely to be bankrupt

(C)  It pronounce that a company is likely to enter in the S&P 500 Index

(D) It proclaim that a company is taking over another company

37.     Which of the following statements is incorrect about recently launched Pravasi Kaushal Vikas Yojana?

(A) Indian workers keen in overseas employment will be train and certified in select sectors

(B)  The scheme will be implemented by the National Skill Development Corporation

(C)  Ministry of External Affairs' role will be limited to pre-departure Orientation training

(D) Ministry of HRD will monitor and evaluate the scheme

38.     Consider the following statements about recently launched 'Project Insight' and choose the correct code given below-

I.       It will be used to track the transactions of tax evaders.

II.    All the transactions related to immoveable property, jewelry and purchase of vehicles will be with the tax authorities.

III. Banks are liable to inform the income tax authorities all the deposits of more than Rs 10 lakh in a year.

IV. Registrar / Sub-registrar will communicate all the deals of more than Rs. 30 lakh.

The correct is:

(A) Only I and II are correct

(B)  Only II and III are correct

(C)  I, II and III are correct

(D) All are correct

39.     project insight is an initiative of_

(A) Income Tax Department

(B)  Department of Customs and Central Excise

(C)  Department of Information Technology


40.     As per SEBI's guidelines the minimum corpus for new equity schemes and debt-oriented schemes should be at least Rs……… and Rs………. crore respectively.

(A) 10, 20                             

(B) 15, 30

(C)  25, 30                             

(D) 20,30








1   (B)

2   (C)

3  (C)

4   (A)

5   (C)

6   (A)

7   (D)

8   (A)

9   (A)

10 (A)

11 (D)

12 (A)

13 (B)

14 (C)

15 (D)

16 (B)

17 (C)

18 (D)

19 (B)

20 (B)

21 (D)

22 (D)

23 (A)

24 (B)

25 (C)

26 (B)

27 (C)

28 (D)

29 (A)

30 (A)

31 (C)

32 (B)

33 (C)

34 (D)

35 (A)

36 (B)

37 (D)

38 (D)

39 (A)

40 (A)