Monday, November 4, 2013



Moot point: eq[; irkA

The moot point is that dowry act must be implemented.


Mount pressure on: ncko MkyukA

The new Indian coach mounts pressure on batsman.


Make or mar: cukuk ;k fcxkM+ukA

You can make or mar your career.


Master-mind: eq[; 'kM;U=drkZA

Abu Salem was the master-mind of the murder of Gulshan Kumar.


Mow down: yk"kksa dk <sj yxkukA

The terrorists mow down innocent citizens in J.K. last year.


Make disparage: fuUnk djukA

Bal Thackeray makes disparage against the P.M.


Mete out: lhek ?ksjukA

The B.S.F. did mete out after the terror attack.


Make it clear: Li'V djukA

Arpan made it clear that Nancy will win the prize.


Make a good escape: Hkkx fudyukA

The driver made a good escape after the accident.


Make a clean breast of: Lohdkj djukA

The C.M. has made a clean breast of his meeting with M.C.C. leader.


Meet one's waterloo: /kjukA

Nitish did meet his waterloo in 2004 at the hand of Vijay Krishan.


Meet a watery grave: ikuh esa Mwcdj ejukA

Some sailors had to meet a watery grave in the Arabian Sea.


Make much ado about nothing: NksVh&lh ckr dk cgqr "kksj epkukA

It is bad to make much ado about nothing.


Make one fire: lkgfld dk;Z djukA

I wonder what makes you fire.


Man of parts: fofo/k xq.kksa okyk O;fDrA

He is respected by all as he is a man of parts.


Nip in the bud: izkjaHk esa gh dqpy nsukA

The government nipped the revolt in the bud.


Null and void: O;FkZA

What he writes about religion is null and void.


Nine days wonder: vYi le; gsrq /;ku [khapus okyh u;h oLrqA

Many a scientific inventions have proved just nine days wonder.


Not matter: dqN Hkh gks rks HkhA

Not matter where the thief tries to hide, the police will find him out.


Now and then: dHkh&dHkhA

I don't often fall ill, but now and then I do catch a cold.


On anti plank: fdlh ds f[kykQ gksukA

They are on anti plank against Laloo. On behalf of: ds cnysA

Rabri Devi addressed the gatherings on behalf of Laloo Prasad.


On the anvil: rS;kjh esaA

The massive rally is on the anvil in U.P.


On the brink of/On the verge of: ds fdukjs ijA

The world is on the brink of/on the verge of doom.


On a war-level: ;q) Lrj ijA

The development work in Bihar is going on a war level.


Outbreak of: fNM+ukA

They beware of the outbreak of the dengue in Delhi.


Open fire: xksyh pykukA

The police had to open fire to disperse the mob.


On piggy back: fdlh ds dU/ks ij cUnwd j[kdj pykukA

He tried to come into power on piggy back of his supporters.


On the eve of: ds volj ijA

On the eve of his marriage he fell ill.


Out and out: iwjh rjg lsA

He is out and out a docile character.


Pass away: ejukA

Amrishpuri passed away in Mumbai.


Put on a tizzy: gM+dEi epkukA

Ashok Mahto put on a tizzy in Bihar.


Pass off: xqtjukA

The Muharram procession passed off peacefully.


Pull up: f[kapkbZ djukA

The S.P. pulls up corrupt police officers.


Pay lip sympathy: lw[kh gennhZ fn[kkukA

Most of people pay lip sympathy of the victims.


Plunge into darkness: va/ksjs esa MwcukA

The whole city plunged into darkness after the storm.


Pique over: ukjkt gksukA

She was piqued over the reaction.


Pay homage to: J)katfy izdV djukA

All leaders of Maharashtra paid homage to departed leader Pramod Mahajan.


Play the devil with: u'V djukA

The flood played the devil with the crops.


Pros and cons: i{k&foi{kA

I consider pros and cons of the suit.


Pick up: mBkuk] idM+ukA

they picked up guns in defence.


Political mileage: jktuhfrd ykHkA

Each and every politician ytries to get political mileage.


Pelt stone at: iFkjko djukA

Students pelted stone at the O.C.


Patch up: nck nsukA

The family did patch up the dispute.


Pit against/Play off against/ Set against: yM+k nsukA

Leaders pit one community against another for political mileage.


Put behind the bars: lyk[kksa ds ihNs MkyukA

Many dons have been put behind the bars.


Pull under house arrest: utjcan djukA

Aung San Suukyi has been put under house arrest in Burma.


Push out: /kDdk ekjdj ckgj djukA

Gate crashers were pushed out of the parties.


Pull off: thrukA

India pulled off 20-20 World Cup in 2007.


Paint the town red: ekSt&eLrh djukA

Youths paint the town red at Holi.


Pull the plug on: cckZn djukA

He planned to pull the plug on his step-brother.


Put up a good fight: fgEer ls yM+ukA

Mamta Banerjee puts up a good fight in West Bengal.


Put out the fire: vkx cq>kukA

The fire brigade put out the fire.


Pump out: [kkyh djukA

They pumped water logged out of the pond.


Press into service: dke ij yxkukA

Teachers were pressed into service during the election.


Quarrel with one's bread and butter: tgk¡ ls jksVh feyrh gS ogk¡ ds ofj'B vf/kdkjh ls >xM+ukA

Giving it back to your superiors is just like quarrelling with your bread and butter.


Queer fish: vfLFkj O;fDrA

He is a queer fish.


Quick and dirty: tfVyA

Read our quick and dirty guide to creating a website.


Quick of understanding: rhoz cqf)okykA

I didn't think much of him, but he was quick of understanding and easily grasped the subject.


Quite a few: cgqr lkjsA

Quite a few students were absent in our class today.


Rule out: vLohdkj djukA

Priyanka Chopra rules out to marry Salman Khan.


Roll down: yq<+dkukA

The boulder rolled down from the hill at Rajgir.


Run over: dqpyukA

Poor Pinki was run over by a truck.


Riddle with bullets: xksyh ls Nyuh djukA

Indira Gandhi was riddled with bullets.


Receive splinter injury: xEHkhj :i ls t[eh gksukA

Ajit Jogi received splinter injury in Dehradun during his tenure.


Resort to lathicharge: ykBhpktZ djukA

The police resorted to lathicharge to bring the situation under control.


Rush to spot: ?kVuk&LFky ds fy;s QkSju jokuk gksukA

The S.P. and the D.M. rushed to the spot.


Robber baron: "kjhQ ds os"k esa yqVsjkA

He is a robber baron in the guise of a nobleman.


Rub elbows with: feyuk&tqyukA

Dr. Sunil Kumar has rubbed elbows with Pappu Khan.


Roll back: okil ysukA

Come what may, he cannot roll back the sold goods.


Raise the eye-brows: vka[k HkkSa p<+kukA

Don't try to raise the eye-brows on my proposal.


Rack one's brains: fnekx ij tksj nsukA

If you rack your brains, you wil solve this problem.


Run in the same grove: feytqydj c<+ukA

people of many sections run in the same grove.


Raise questions: loky mBkukA

L.K. Advani raised questions over Indo-American nuclear deal with the P.M.


Raise one's voice: viuh vkokt mBkukA

Vijay Malhotra raised his voice against horse-trading in Nagaland.


Rain or shine: pkgs dSlk Hkh ekSle D;ksa u gksA

Rain or shine, we must attend to our duties.


Skid off: yq<+d tkukA

He did skid off.


Sound red alert: pkSdl djukA

They sounded red alert.


Scotch the rumour: vQokg dks lekIr djukA

The police tried to scotch the rumour.


Scapegoat: cfy dk cdjkA

Poor Pankaj was a scapegoat.


Sort out: gy djukA

Let us sort out the problem.


Sky-rocket: vklku NwukA

The price of gold has sky-rocketed.


Step motherly treatment: lkSrsyk O;ogkjA

The Central Govt. has adopted step motherly treatment to Bihar.


Spell-bound: ea=eqX/kA

He made the audience spell-bound.


Sting out: ihM+k nsukA

He stings out workers in the factory.


Spade work: dfBu dk;ZA

The white collars are unable to do spade work.


Skim off: eq[; rF; dks fudkyukA

He skimmed essence off the story.


Sniff at: ukd&HkkSa fldksM+ukA

He sniffed at the new scheme.


Strike a chord with: gennhZ iSnk djukA

His suffering strikes a chord with the voters.


Sit on hunger strike: Hkw[k&gM+rky ij cSBukA

They sat on hunger strike.


Search an abode: fBdkuk <w¡<+ukA

The police searched an abode of the mastermind of kid-kidnapping.


Snarl up: Q¡alukA

We snarl up in the traffic daily.


Step down: bLrhQk nsukA

Mr. Natwar had to step down.


Strip power: lRrk NhuukA

Rabri Devi and Mulayam Singh were stripped power.


Spread like wild fire: taxy dh vkx dh rjg QSyukA

The news of murder of Benazir Bhutto spread like wild fire.


Shatter the image: Nfo fcxkM+ukA

The corrupt charge shattered the image of the minister.


Stream-line: fn"kkA

Sonia has given the party a new stream line.


Sex racket: nsg O;kikjA

The chief of the sex racket has abscounded from Patna.


Sex scandal: lsDl&laca/kh cnukehA

Sex scandal shattered his good image.


Stand by: enn djukA

M. Banerjee stands by Sonia.


Sine die: vfuf"pr dky gsrqA

The university is closed for sine die.


Spray bullet: xksyh dh ckSNkj djukA

The terrorists sprayed bullets last year in J.K.


Set a record: u;k dhfrZeku cukukA

Tendulkar has set a record as a batsman in the history of cricket.


Set up: LFkkfir djukA

H.A. Hume set up the Congress in 1885.


Steal the thunder: ckth ekjukA

India stole the thunder 20-20 World Cup 2007.


Shed light on: izdk"k MkyukA

They shed light on the fixing in cricket match.


Shoulder-to-shoulder: dU/ks&ls dU/kk feykdjA

We should work shoulder-to-shoulder.


Sling mud at: dhpM+ mNkyukA

They slung mud at his hand in a sex scandal.


Set the cart before the car: mYVh xaxk cgkukA

Laloo Prasad set the cart before the cart in the Railway Department.


Set aside: jnn djukA

The High Court set his appeal aside.


Set on fire: vkx yxkukA

The mob set the truck on fire.


Swing into action: gjdj esa vkukA

The police swang into action after violence.


Shunt out: chp esa gh jksd nsukA

The Rajdhani Express was shunted out due to hailstorm.


Shoot out: xksyhckjh ls <sj djukA

Many innocent poeple were shoot out in J.K. last year.


Spill the beans: [kcj QSykukA

The media spilled the beans of the abduction of a local doctor.


Stem from: fudyukA

Evils stem from dowry.


Succumbed to: ejukA

Heavy weight framed Mahajan succumbed to bullet injuries in Mumbai.


Seasoned food: elkysnkj HkkstuA

Seasoned food is tasty but not good for digestion.


So far: vc rdA

So far I have completed only five chapters of this book.


Speak extempore: ekSdkfo"ks'k ij fcuk rS;kjh ds Hkk'k.k nsukA

Although he spoke extempore, his speech was praiseworthy.


Turn one's coat: ny cnyukA

These days leaders turn their coat soon.


Turn the corner: ladV ls xqtjukA

He has to turn the corner to overcome this problem.


The man of the match: eSp dk uk;dA

Tendulkar has been man of the match several times.


Two-square meal: nks oDr dh jksVhA

Many villagers find it difficult to get two-square meal.


Trial of strength: "kfDr&ijh{k.kA

The P.M. Manmohan Singh proved trial of strength before N-Deal.


Turn up: vkukA

Despite his promise, he did not turn up.


Turn into: cnyukA

Ten years of prison had turned him into an old man.


Take part in: Hkkx ysukA

Rajesh will take part in the bicycle race.


Throw out of gear: vLr&O;Lr djukA

Bandh has thrown normal life out of gear.


Trigger off hand grenade: gFkxksyk nkxukA

The terrorist triggered off hand grenade at the security force.


Take stock of: [kcj ysukA

The Home Minister has taken stock of the situation in J.K.


Take to task: [kcj ysukA

The Chief Minister took the erring police officer to task for the carnage.


Turn over: vkenuhA

Mukesh Ambani will try to increase turn over in Reliance Company.


Threaten with dire sequence: /kedkukA

Extremists threaten traders with dire sequence.


Take up cudgel: ykBh mBkukA

Villagers took up cudgels against the Mukhiya.


Trigger off high drama: cM+k ukVdh; eksM+ ysukA

The fodder scam triggered off high drama.


Take precaution: lko/kkuh cjrukA

They take precaution against HIV.


Take step: dne mBkukA

The Central Government did not take bold step against Raj Thackeray for regional violence.


Take into confidence: fo"okl esa ysukA

Nitish Kumar took other leaders into confidence.


Take into custody: fgjklr esa ysukA

Druggers were taken into custody.


Take to the road: lM+d ij mrjukA

The C.P.M. cadres took the road in Kerala.


Take on: fHkM+ukA

India took on Australia in the ODI Final and won it in 2008.


The talk of the town: "kgj dh ppkZA

The gang-rape of a lady teacher is the talk of the town.


Tarred with the same brush: leku detksjh j[kukA

All politicians are tarred with the same brush.


Take serious view: ekeys dks xEHkhjrk ls ysukA

The Central Government has taken serious view to the problem of price rising.


thrash up: ihVukA

The mob thrashed up rapists.


Tighten noose: f"kdatk dlukA

The Apex Court tightens noose.


Through and through: iw.kZr%A

He is through and through a religious man.


To and fro: vkxs&ihNsA

Don't walk to and fro.


Unleash reign of terror: vkrad dk ekgkSy iSnk djukA

The U.L.F.A. has unleashed reign of terror against outsiders in Assam.


Unwed mother: vfookfgrk ek¡A

The percentage of unwed mothers is 35% in the U.S.A.


Under threat to life: tku dk [krjk ds Hk; lsA

Eye-witnesses had to turn hostile under threat to life.


Upset the apple cart: fdlh dh j.kuhfr dks iyV nsukA

Navin Patnaik has upset the apple cart of the Congress Party in Orissa.


Under tight security: dM+h lqj{kk esaA

Last Year Vice President B.s. Shekhawat visited Nalanda under tight security.


Under fire: [krjs esaA

His life is under fire due to cancer.


Uphill task: dfBu dkeA

You must do an uphill task or step down.


Up in arms: yM+us ds fy;s rS;kjA

Talibans are up in arms against NATO forces in Kandhar.


Under a cloud: lansgkRedA

His victory in the contest is under a cloud.


Under the way: rS;kjh esaA

The World Cup is under the way in India.


Walk down memory lane: ;kn djukA

A.N. Bajpeye walks down memory lane in his speech.


Walk out: cfg'dkj djukA

The opposition parties walk out the bill.


Wrap up: lesVukA

India wrapped up South Africa in 265 in the first innings in Kanpur test.


Wrest the seat: lhV NhuukA

Can any leader wrest the seat from Rahul Gandhi?


Weed out: m[kkM+ukA

The police weeded out the sex racket with a cruel hand.


Witness turn hostile: xokg dk eqdjukA

Witness turned hostile under threat to life.


Wear deserted: ohjku utj vkukA

The whole village wears deserted look after genocide.


Wade through water: ikuh ls gksdj xqtjukA

Many villagers have to wade through water during monsoon.


Whip out: rsth ls fudkyukA

The shooter whipped out the pistol and shot the victim out.


Wet behind the ears: ykijokgA

Beautiful girls are wet behind the ears.


Write off: laca/k lekIr djukA

The company has to write off defaulters.


Wipe out: feVkukA

Nothing can wipe out self-respect.


Without fear and favour: fcuk i{k dsA

The judge awarded R.P. Sharma life imprisonment without fear and favour.


With a view to: ds mnns"; lsA

Obama pressed Manmohan Singh with a view to keeping up good foreign policy.


Wriggle out of: fudkyukA

I wriggled him out of my institution for his misconduct.


Wink at: vk¡[k ekjukA

He winked at his assistant to keep silence in during meeting.


What's what: fdl ifjfLFkfr esa D;k mfpr gSA

He is an intelligent person and knows what's what.


Wheel within wheels: tfVy dk;Z dk vkSj tfVy gksukA

When I started this project I found wheels within wheels.


Yell out: vpkud fpYykukA

The lady yeled out in terror.


Zip through: tYnh i<+ukA

The lady knows how to zip through the message on mobile.