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1. Which of the following French Banks was downgraded by Moody's (rating firm), in late 20 II?
(a) BNP Paribas (b) Societe Generale
(c) Credit Agricole (d) AII of the above

2. Which of the following cricketer has made a world record of scoring maximum number of runs (219) in a one day match?
(a) Sachin Tendulkar (b) Virender Sehwag
(c) Kumar Sangakkara (d) Rahul Dravid

3. Which of the following player has won the order of merit trophy in Dubai?
(a) Alvaro Quiros (b) Yani Tseng
(c) Luke Donald (d) Na Yeon Choi

4. Which of the following tournament was won by Alvaro Quiros?
(a) HSBC Champions (b) PGA Tour
(c) Open Championship
(d) Dubai World Championship

5. The National Energy Conservation Day is observed on
(a) December 14 (b) December 12
(c) December 11 (d) December 16

6. RBI has announced ................. per cent subsidy on interest of rupee export credit to labour intensive small and medium enterprises.
(a) 2 (b) 3 (c)4 (d)5

7. The HDI Value of India in Human Development Report of 2010 \vas 0.519, which in 2011 report became
(a) 0.598 (b) 0.547 (c) 0.513 (d) 0.438

8. The Man Booker Prize 2011 was given to
(a) Patrich Dewitt (b) A D Millers
(c) Carol Birch (d) Julian Barnes

9. 'Namma Metro'is the name given to metro rail service started in the city.
(a) I lyderabad (b) Bengdiuru' (c) Chennai (d)Pune

10. The Approach Paper of 12th Plan (2012-17) targets agricultural sector growth at
(a) 3.5 per annum (b) 4.0 per annum
(c) 4.5 per annum (d) 5.0 per annum

11. Amongst the Nobel Peace Prize winners for 2011, who is Africa's first democratically elected female President?
(a) Leyman Gbowee (b) Euenjohnson Sirleaf
(c) Tawakkul Karman (d) None of the above

12. Which Central Asian Country has passed a Restrictive Region Law?
(a) Uzbekistan (b) Kyrgystan (c) Kazakhstan (d) USA

13. Andy Murray has recently won
(a) Japanese Tennis Championship
(b) Shanghai Masters
(c) Both (a) and (b) (d) None of the above

14. Which of the following is the Country's PSU Bank to underwrite a CDS transaction in the domestic market for managing credit risks associated with Indian Corporate Banks?
(a) IDBI (b) HSBC (c)ICICI (d)HDFC

15. As per the Government released data' on 8th December 2011, food inflation dropped to almost a three and a half year low of.......... per cent for the week ended 26 November, 2011.
(a) 6.6 (b) 6.5 (c) 4.0 (d) 5.0

16. According to the data released by the regulator TRAI on 8th December, 2011, mobile subscriber, base in India increased to 881.4 million by October 2011, from 873.61 million in September 2011, registering a growth of
(a) 0.80 (b) 0.85 (c) 0.89 (d) 0.90

17. Who amongst the following resigned from his post as NCA Chairman during a BCCI meeting in Delhi?
(a)Javagal Sreenath (b) Venkatesh Prasad
(c) Anil Kumble (d) Sunil Gavaskar

18. Who clinched the title of the 25th national sub-junior badminton. championship?
(a) Loa Talar (b) Ansal Yadav
(c)Zulfadii (d) None of the above

19. Which of the following bills was passed by the Lok Sabha on December 12, 2011 which granted a three year term extension to Master Plan of Delhi?
(a) National Capital Territory of Delhi Laws (Special Provision) Bill, 2011
(b)The Constitution (One Hundred and Eight Amendment) Bill, 2010
(c) Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill, 2010
(d) None of the above

20. BCCI has terminated its contract with................. Broadcasters.
(a) Nimbus (c) Star Sports (b) ESPN (d) Fox Sports

21. The recent downward revision of the country's export figure has created .............. difference between the shipment data collected by the commerce department and export income inflows compiled by the RBI @ during the same period.
(a) $ 7.0 billion (b) $ 7.2 billion
(c) $ 5.0 billion (d) $ 6.0 billion

22. Which of the following statements regarding Companies Bill tabled in Lok Sabha, is/are correct?
(a) Auditors' rotation in 4 years.
(b) Serious fraud investigation office.
(c) Majority shareholders shall deposit equal values of shares obtained from minority in separate bank account.
(d) All of the above

23. Which sponsor has agreed to drop London Olympics?
(a) Thomas Cook (b) DOW Chemicals
(c) Adecco (d) Arcelor Mittal

24. Where was UN Climate Change Conference held in 2011?
(a) Cannes (b) Paris (c) Durban (d) Sydney

25. The subsidy provided by Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) for projects of electricity distribution sector for a period of 14 years, is
(a) 8000 cr (b) 4000 cr (c) 7000 cr (d) 8466 cr

26. Which city emerged as the best among India's mega cities in 2011, in an inclusive opinion poll conducted for the Times of India?
(a) Ahmedabad (b) Mumbai (c) Bangaluru (d) Delhi

27. To which party Moncef Marzouki, the new President of Tunisia belongs?
(a) Tunisian Worker's Communist Party (PCOT)
(b) Congress for the Republic (CPR)
c) Maghrebin Liberal Party (d) Homeland Party

28. From which station did Sukhoi Su-30 MKI fighter aircraft take off that crashed near Wadebholai in the year 2011?
(a) Sarsawa Air Force Station
(b) Jorhat Air Force Station
(c) Chakeri Air Force Station
(d) Lohegaon Air Force Station

29. Supreme court of India directed Tamil Nadu to ensure that the water level in the Mullaperiyar dam doesn't exceed feet but has declined to entertain Kerala's plea for reducing level to feet.
(a) 136,120, respectively (b) 120,136, respectively
(c) 110,120, respectively (d) 100,110, respectively

30. Which country has on December 12, 2011 banned wearing of Burqa or Islamic Hijab when they take oath for citizenship?
(a) United Kingdom (b) Canada
(c) South Africa (d) Brazil

31. Which of the following statements regarding the bill to amend Cable Television Network Regulation Act, 1995 is/are correct?
(a) Doordarshan will be able to provide more free-on-air channels in DTH mode to audiences across the country.
(b)The legislation will reduce dependence on the Television Rating Points (TRP).
(c) By 2014, the entire cable networkwill be digitized.
(d) AII of the above

32. Maharashtra Government provided apackage of for distressed cotton, seed and paddy growers mainly belonging to Vidarbha, Marathwada and Khandesh regions of the state.
(a) 2000 cr (b) 1000 cr. (c) 5000 cr (d) None

33. Who wrote the book "Non-stop India"?
(a) Billy Collins (b) N Ram (c) Rita Dove (d) Mark Tully

34. Who started "Teach a 1000 Teachers" Programme?
(a) Sanjay Mehta (b) Dr Ramya Singh
(c) Dr Farooq Abdullah (d) Vijaypura Mahesh

35. According to- AIOCD, Indian Drugmakers posted per cent month-on-month growth in Sales in November 2011 which is highest in last 14 months?
(a)16 (b) 22 (c)21 (d) 18

36. As per RBI notification FDI up to ................ per cent .would be permitted for Brownfield investment in the pharma sector.
(a) 61 (b)100 (c) 26 (d) 21

37. Who launched the National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) by the name 'More' during Urban Mobility India 2011 Conference-Cum-Exhibition?
(a) C S Verma (b) Kamal Nath
(c)Subodh Kant Sahai (d) Dr P K Padhi

38. Who announced the new initiatives for 'Hunar Se Rozgar Programme'?
(a)Subodh Kant Sahai (b) Vinod Rai (c) Gandhi Sekhran (d)Jitendra Singh

39. which of the following states, Pentavalent Vaccine would be introduced by the centre as a part of the routine immunization programme?
(a) Kerala (b) Punjab (c) Jammu & Kashmir (d) Odisha

40. The Government of. India and ............. have signed an agreement for the first tranche under the US $ 350 million Himachal Pradesh Clean Energy Transmission Investment Programme.
(a) IDBI Bank (b) Asian Development. Bank
(c)SBI (d)HDFC . '

41. Which day is celebrated as Vijay Diwas?
(a) December 10 (b) December 18
(c) December 12 (d) December 16

42. Who has been appointed as the Director (Projects) National Building Construction Corporation (NBCC)?
(a) Ashok Kumar Haldar (b)Anoop Mittal
(c) Mahesh Trikha (d) C S Verma

43. Which of the following statements is/are -correct regarding the resolution Tamil Nadu Assembly . passed on Mullaperiyar Dam?
(a)Immediate deployment of the Central Industrial security force at the vicinity of the Mullaperiyar Dam.
(b)Kerala Government should bring in necessary amendments in the Kerala Irrigation and Water Protection, Aci passed in 2006.
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) None of the above

44. The Union Ministry of Home Affairs I agreed to fill .................. of the Group-B posts in Central Paramilitary forces from among Ex-servicemen.
(a) 10, (c) 5 (b)20 (d)6

45. RBI kept its policy repo rate , unchanged at. .................. at. its mid quarter review 2011-12.
(a) 7.5 (b) 6.5 (c) 8.5 (d) 5.5

46. RBI has left the Cash Reserve Ratio unchanged at.
(a) 5 (b) 4 (c) 6 (d) 7

47. Name of the person who was the leader of velvet revolution and was the former Czech President who died in the year 2011.
(a) Jan Fischer (b) Vaclav Klaus
(c) Vaclav Havel (d)MirekTopolanek

48. Who amongst the following won Life- time Achievement Award 2011 instituted by Indian Compain- Power brands ? .
(a)H S Rao (b) K Venkataramanan
(c) A M Naik (d) Lord Swaraj Paul

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1. State Government of Tamil Nadu has recently banned a movie named Dam 999. This movie is believed to be based on the disputed dam between two states. What are the names of the states?
(a) Gujarat and Maharashtra
(b) Tamil Nadu and Kerala
(c) Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
(d) Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka

2. Which Chinese General has been awarded by Pakistan with Nishan-e-Imtiaz (military)?
(a) Wen Jiabao (b)JiaQinglin
(c) General Hou Shusen (d) Wu Bangguo

3. Which Bank has received the 'most socially responsive bank 2011'?
(a) Canara Bank (b) Yes Bank
(c) Punjab National Bank (d) UCO Bank

4. Which rocket hoisted the NASA's the . curiosity Rover, rocketed towards Mars recently?
(a) Tiagong (b) Atlas 5 (c) Soyuz 2 (d) None

5. In which city Golf World Cup finals were held in the year 2011?
(a) Haikou (b) California (c) Los Angeles (d) None

6. Which of the following is the only Stock Exchange in India to offer facility to trade on three trading platforms?
(a) Bombay Stock Exchange
(b) Calcutta Stock Exchange
(c) Delhi Stock Exchange
(d) None of the above

7. Which Company GVK Biosciences has entered into alliance with?
(a) Acry Med (b) Moulder Centre for Drug Discovery
(c) Pfizer (d) Axial Biotech

8. Which leading Research Firm scaled down India's GDP forecast to 7.8 for 2011-12 from the earlier forecast of 7.9?
(a) RNB Research (b) CMIE
(c) Economic Research India Ltd (d) None of the above

9. Which bank is the biggest issuer of credit cards in India?
(a) HDFC (b) Yes Bank (c) ICICI (d) HSBC

10. Which Pharma company launched the generic any Lipitor in the US stores in the year 2011 ?
(a)Ranbaxy (b) Pfizer (c) Cognizant (d) None

11. The ministry of communication does not support a spectrum return policy for new entrants like
(a) Videocon (b) Etisalat DBC
(c) Loop Mobile (d) All of the above

12. Which financial body's operations has been cancelled by RBI recently?
(a) Bharat Urban Co-op Bank (b)HDFC
(c) Gurgaon Gramin Bank
(d) Non-banking Financial Institutions (NBFIs)

13. In which city was annual Hombill festival held in the year 2011 ?
(a) Hyderabad (b) Kohima (c) Nnida (d) Darjeeling

14. Which of the following recommen- dations of Khandelwal Committee have been deffered by the Government?
(a) Wage negotiation (b) Variable pay
(c) Increase in welfare fund and incentive for top management and other staff
(d)AII of the above

15. Which of these Audit firms is not included in the combo, which will split up under a draft of European Union Law?
(a) Ernst and Young (b) Deloitte
(c) KPMG . (d) Touche Ross

16. Which of the following banks has the largest the ATM network in India?
(a)SBI (c) ICICI (b) Axis Bank (d)HDFC

17. Which of the following Central Banks joined act to save European Union Debt crisis?
(a) Bank of Canada (b) Bank of England
(c) Bank of japan (d) All of the above

18. Which political party has launched 'Save UP' Campaign?
(a) Trinamool Congress (b) Bhartiya janta Party (BjP)
(c) Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)
(d) Samajwadi Party (SP)

19. Which of the following Infrastructure Company is building Maldives' largest Airport?
(a)GMR (b)DynCorp (c) Odyssey (d) BAE System

20. Which Company has launched . Generic Lipitor other than Ranbaxy?
(a) Watson (b) Pfizer (c) Cognizant (d) None

21. ............. Policy aimed at removing disparity in taxation and pricing of various fibres in the country has been embedded in the 12th Five Year Plan.
(a) National Fibre (b) New Exim Policy
(c) jute Trade Policy (d) None of the above

22. Which of the following is/are included in the rescue efforts taken by EU to fight the EU Debt Crisis?
(a) EU Ministers agreed on a plan to guarantee up to 30 of new bonds issues from troubled government.
(b) EU will develop investment vehicles to intervene in bond markets.
(c) EFSF can now issue short term bills and use Government bonds for repo deals.
(d) All of the above

23. Who coined the acronym BRIC@ Brazil, Russia, India and China?
(a) Boris Gryzlov (b)Marco Maia
(c)JimO'Neill (d) None of the above

24. Who has been named as the European Top investment Banker of the year 2011?
(a) Anshujain (b) Anil Jain
(c) KV Kamath (d) None of the above

25. Which rating firm assigned a stable tag to Indian banks indicating that a downgrade is unlikely in the next 18-24 months?
(a) Standard and Poor's (S & P) (b) Fitch
(c) Moody's (d) None of the above

26. The President Pratibha Paul constituted a 12 member committee to study and recommend measures for increasing productivity, profitably and sustainability of the Agriculture Sector in India. Under whose chairmanship will this committee work?
(a) Virbhadra Singh (b)Shivraj Patil
(c)Jitendra Singh (d) Sonia Gandhi

27. Which of the following Sewage Treatment Plants will be rehabilitated under the i Phase-3 Yamuna Action Plan?
(a) Kondii (c) Okhia (b) Rithala (d) All of these

28. Which of the following International Agencies is providing financial help to the Phase-3 Yamuna Action Plan?
(a) Russian International Co-operation Agency
(b) China International Co-operation Agency
(c) Japan . International Co-operation Agency (JICA) (d) Bangladesh International Co-operation Agency

29. Which of the following Banks has launched mobile bank accounts in association with Vodafone (M-paisa)?
(a) ICICI (b) HDFC (c) HSBC (d) Axis Bank

30. Which sports utility vehicle car did Toyota Motor Corporation introduce in 2011?.
(a) Toyota Fortuner II (b) F6 86 Coupe
(c) Toyota Yaris (d) Toyota Hiace

31. Who is the director of the movie 'The- Artist', This movie won the New York Critics Circle Award?
(a) Michael Hazanividus (b) Fred Zinneman
(c) Carmen Toscano (d) Andre Cagatte

32. What is the name of the diamond encrypted book, which was unveiled by Italian Luxury Automaker Ferrari in 2011?
(a) The Codex Leicester (b) The Greater Gatsby
(c) Corburetion (d) Enzo Diamante

33. Which movie won the special Jury Award at International Film Festival of India (IFFI)2011?
(a) WuXia (b) The Truth of Lie
(c) Adaminte Maken Abu (d) Outside Saten

34. Who won the Best Actor' (female) Award for her role in Russian Film 'Elena' at International Film Festival of India (IFFI)?
(a) Chan Kit (b) Silvia Gerena
(c) Leonel Arancibia (d) Nadezhda Markina

35. Where was the 42th IFFI held?
. (a) Delhi (b) Goa (c) Mumbai (d) Bengaluru

36. What is the name of the screening tool developed to detect breast cancer in just 8 seconds?
(a) MARIA (b) NBCCED (c)PDQ (d) None

37. Who conducted the specialized Tennis Workshop-PTR (Professional Tennis Registry), held in New Delhi from November 29 to December 1,2011.
(a) Todd Martin (b) Dean Goldfire
(c) Dr Louis Cap (d) Brad Gilbert

38. Who has been appointed as head of Advisory Committee for investor protection and education fund by SEBI?
(a) KV Kamath (b) Abraham Koshi
(c)JayashreeVyas (d) Ramesh Narayan

39. Which car won India Top Gear Car of the year 2011, Award?
(a) BMW 6 (b) Nissan GTR
(c) Audi RS 5 (d) Nissan Juke R

40. On which financial services SEBI has imposed a penalty of ? 5 Lakhs?
(a) Biria Global Financial Limited
(b) L & T Finance Limited (c) Karvy Group
(d) Anand Rathi Financial Services

41. JBM India is entering into a collaboration with'. for research on solutions for differently abled a part of its university connect initiative.
(a) IIT-Delhi (c) IIT-Roorkee
(b) HT-Guwahati (d) IIT-Kanpur

42. Which funding Agency provided $ 48 million loan to Reliance Power for its solar energy project in Rajasthan?
(a) Axis Bank (b)HSBCBank (c) Asian Development Bank (d) None

43. Who is the Head of NACO'S ART Programme?
(a) Dr B B Rewari (b) Sayan Chatterjee
(c)NKJain (d) Lalit Kumar

44. Who among the following former President of Israel has been sentenced for 7 years in the rape case by the court?
(a) Chain Herzog (b) Yitzhak Navou
(c) Ezer Weizman (d) Moshe Katsav

45. The empowered committee to inspect the Mullaperiyar dam is headed by
(a) A S Anand (b) K T Thomas
(c) I C D Thatte (d) D K Mehta

46. Coal Ministry turned down ....... for ' scaling down current fiscal I 2011-2012 output target to 448 j million tonnes from 452 million tonnes.
(a) Tata Steel (b) Central Coalfields Limited
(c) Eastern Coalfields Limited (d) Coal India

47. The Global Hydraulic business of Wipro, Wipro Infrastructure Engineering has entered into a joint venturewith.............. toproducethe hydraulic pumps.
(a) Sapricorn (b) Kawasaki
(c) Invotech (d) Power Tag System Pvt Ltd

48. Which of the following won the Green Award (Clean Development Mechanism Award) for reducing emissions of polluting gases in New Delhi?
(a) Access Initiative (b)ONGC (c) DMRC (d) None

49. Which country emerged as the third largest purchaser of US arms with contract worth $ 4.5 billion in fiscal 2011-12?
(a) France (c) India (b) Pakistan (d) China

50. Which of the following changes are made in FDI regime for pharma- ceutical sector?
(a) All FDI into Indian pharmaceuticals sector is approved by the Government.
(b) The greenfield for investment in the sector will continue to be on approved route.
(c) Overall FDI limit, limit sector is to remain at 100.
(d) All of the above

51. Who amongst the following Illinois Governor was sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment on corruption charges in the year 2011?
(a) George Ryan (b) Jim Edgar
(c) David Walker (d) Rod Blagojevich

52. Which of the following is a features of the bill approved by the senate of Brazil that reforms rules on the amount of land farmers must preserve as forest is/are correct?
(a) The bill allowed agriculture closer to environment fragile areas.
(b) The bill suspended fines for land cleared legally before 2008, if farmers sign up to replant trees over the next 20 years.
(c) The forest's along side rivers and lakes can be counted by farmers on their land as part of their conserved area.
(d) All of the above

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