Tuesday, November 11, 2014



JAUNT                                     :                       Short journey

Synonyms                               :                       Spree, Stroll; Excursion

Sentence                                :                       The family's little jaunt in lreland was over


JINGOISM                               :                       Extremely aggressive and militant patriotism

Synonyms                               :                       Boastflul; Loyalist; Nationalist

Sentence                                :                       The jingoistic militants were willing to sacrifice their lives for their cause


JOCOSE                                   :                       Giving to joking

Synonyms                               :                       Jocular; Playful; Cheerful; Merry

Sentence                                :                       The salesman was so jocose that many of his customers suggested

                                                                        that he became a 'stand-up' comedian


JUXTAPOSE                             :                       To place side by side

Synonyms                               :                       Contrast; Proximity

Sentence                                :                       Comedy and tragedy were juxtaposed in the play, which was

                                                                        altermately funny and sad.


JADE                                        :                       Exhaust, fag, fatigue, tire, wear, weary


JUVENILE                                :                       Adolescent, boyish, childish, girlish, immature, infantile, young


Jaded                                      :                       Fatigued; Surfeited


Jargon                                     :                       Language used by special group; Gibberish


Jaundiced                               :                       Yellowed; Prejudiced; Envious


Jeopardy                                 :                       Exposure to death or danger


Jettison                                   :                       Throw overboard


Jingoism                                  :                       Extremely aggressive and militant patriotism


Jocose                                     :                       Giving to joking


Jocular                                    :                       Said or done in jest


Jocund                                    :                       Merry


Jubilation                               :                       Rejoicing


Judicious                                 :                       Wise; Determined by sound judgment


Junket :           A merry feats or picnic
Junto   :           Group of men joined in political intrigue; Cabal