Wednesday, February 17, 2016


1.       Which is the agency the Government has engaged to grade and standardize various agricultural products?

(a)  Food corporation of India

(b) Director of Marketing and Inspection

(c) Bureau of Indian Standards

(d) Central Statistical Organization

2.       India Army School of Artillery is located at

(a) Bengal                                    

(b) Chennai

(c) Pune                                       

(d) Deolali

3.       In which of the following states in Rangauathitta Bird Sanctuary located?

(a) Tamil Nadu                           

(b) Kerala

(c) Karnataka                             

(d) Andhra Pradesh

4.       Kiel Canal connects

(a) Baltic Sea and North Sea

(b) Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea

(c) Caribbean Sea and Pacific sea

(d) Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean

5.       Among the following continents which one has the lowest growth rate of population?

(a) North America                    

(b) South America

(c) Australia                             

(d) Europe

6.       Which of the international tennis events is played on a grass court?

(a) US Open                             

(b) French Open

(c) Wimbledon                          

(d) Australian Open

7.       EI Nino current appears along the coast of which one of the following?

(a) Brazil                                     

(b) Peru

(c) Alasaka                                  

(d) Western Australia

8.       Match the following

List I

List II

A. Aurangabad

B. Guwahati

C. Puducherry

D. Varanasi

1. Auroville

2. Sarnath

3. Ellora Temples

4. Nilachal Hils


     A              B            C                D

(a) 3               4              1              2

(b) 2               1              4              3

(c) 3               1              4              2

(d) 2               4              1              3

9.       Which of the following types is used by computed tomography employed for visualization of the internal structure of human body?

(a) X-rays                                     

(b) Sound waves

(c) Magnetic resonance                 

(d) Radiosopes

10.   Ogaden region has been a source of conflict between which countries?

(a) Morocco and Algeria                 

(b) Nigeria and Comeroon

(c) Angola and Zaubia                    

(d) Ethiopia and Somalia

11.   Which of the following pairs is wrongly matched


National Emblem

(a) Pakistan

(b) Canada

(c) Australia

(d) USA


White Lily



12.   The oldest Monary in the world that of

(a) Nepal                                     

(b) Saudi Arabia

(c) Japan                                      

(d) UK

13.   Which one of the following is not related to United Nations?

(a) Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)

(b) International finance corporation

(c) International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes

(b) Bank for International Settlements 

14.   Which organ of UNO is considered as World Parliament?

(a) General Assembly            

(b) Security Council

(c) International Court of Justice

(d) Trusteeship Council

15.   Which of the following is not associated with UNO?

(a) ILO                                      

(b) WHO

(c) Security Council                   


16.   The headquarters of UNHCR is located at

(a) New York                              

(b) Rome

(c) London                                

(d) Geneva

17.   The song "Vande Mataram" was originally composed in

(a) Assamese                             

(b) Bengali

(c) Hindi                                      

(d) Sanskrit

18.   "My life" is an autobiography of

(a) Dr APJ Abdul Kalam               

(b) Dr Rajendra Prasad

(c) Bill Clinton                             

(d) Hillary Clinton

19.   The smallest bone of our body is found in-

(a) Our ear                                  

(b) Our nose

(c) Our eye                                 

(d) Our toe

20.   The first women to scale Mount Everest was

(a) Arati Saha                             

(b) Asha Agarwal

(c) Bachendari Pal                      

(d) Reita Fariye

21.   Ustad Vilayat Khan is associated with

(a) Painting                                 

(b) Classical music

(c) Light Music                            

(d) Instrumental Music

22.   Match the following

List I

List II

A. Cheniz Khan

B. Kubali Khan


C. Macro Polo

D. Jagdish Chandra Bose

1. Mongol rular

2. Introduce Paper Currency 

3. Traveller

4. Scientist


      A              B            C               D

(a)  1               2              3              4

(b)  1               4              2              3

(c)  2               3              4              1

(a)  3               1              2              4

23.   Who among the following in popularly known as "Nightingale of India?

(a) Lata Mangeshkar                   

(b) Asha Bhonsle

(c) Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit            

(d) Sarojini Naidu

24.   Who among the following was the woman chief justice of a High Court?

(a) Geeta Mukerjee                       

(b) Leila Seth

(c) Sujata Manohar                       

(c) Rani Seth Malani

25.   Who is the author of the book "Glimpses of world History"?

(a) Abdul Kalam Azad                   

(b) Jawaharlal Nehru

(c) S Gopalan                               

(d) S Radhakrishnan

26.   Match the following

List I


List II


A. Deodhar Trophy

B. Durand Cup

C. Davis Cup

1. Volley ball

2. Football

3. Cricket

4. Tennis


       A              B             C

(a)   3               2              4

(b)   3               1              4

(c)   2               3              1

(d)   1               2              4

27.   Which one of the following days in observed as the World Environment Day?

(a) 28th February                       

(b) 4th March

(c) 5th June                                  

(d) 16th September

28.   Match the following

List I

List II

A. National Youth Day

B. National Science Day

C. National Vaccination Day

D. National Day

1. January 12

2. February 28

3. March 16


4. April 5


       A             B              C             D

(a)   3              4              1              2

(b)   4              3              1              2

(c)   1              2              3              4

(d)   1              2              4              3

29.   Swami Vivekananda's Birthday is observed in India as

(a) All Saints Day                      

(b) Hindu Renaissance Day

(c) National Youth Day           

(d) World Religious Day

30.   Which of the following is a Military Alliance?

(a) ASEAN                                   


(c) NATO                                      

(d) EEC

31.   Where is the headquarters of Amnesty international?

(a) New York                              

(b) London

(c) Paris                                        

(d) Geneva

32.   Which one of the following countries is not a member of the Nordic council?

(a) Norway                                 

(b) Denmark

(c) Iceland                                   

(d) United Kingdom

33.   Who among the following got the "Bharat Ratna" before becoming the President of India?

(a) R Vendataraman                               

(b) Dr Rajendra Prasad

(c) Dr Zakir Hussain                  

(d) V V Giri

34.   Who is the first Non – India to receive the Bharat Ratan?

(a) Martin Luther King            

(b) Mother Teresa

(c) Khan Abdul Ghaffar Kahan           

(d) Aubin Mehta

35.   What is the total membership of European Union, as of now?

(a) 40                                             

(b) 35

(c) 25                                             

(d) 27

36.   The first satellite to be sent into space was

(a) Pimeer                                   

(b) Luma I

(c) Sputuik                                  

(d) Apollo II

37.   Selence – 1, the luner orbiter mission belongs to which one of the following?

(a) China                                      

(b) European Union

(c) Japan                                      

(d) USA

38.   Which of the following book is written by VS Naipaul?

(a) Magic Seeds                        

(b) The God Died Young

(c) The Sea                                  

(d) My India

39.   Kalinga Award is given for

(a) Art                                           

(b) Science

(c) Literature                              

(d) Sports

40.   Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award is associated with

(a) Sports                                    

(b) Science and Technology

(c) Agriculture                           

(d) Film

41.   Simla Packed between India and Pakistan was signed in

(a) 1949                                        

(b) 1965

(c) 1971                                        

(d) 1972

42.   Which of the following is author name of RDX?

(a) Cyanohydrian                     

(b) Dextran

(c) Cyclonhexane                     

(d) Cyclonite

43.   With of the following beaches is visited by Olive Ridley turtles annually for mass nesting?

(a) Chandipur                            

(b) Gahirmatha

(c) Gopalpur                               

(d) Paradwip

44.   "A Fortgotten Empire" written by the renowned historian Robert sewell, is about which one of the following empires?

(a) Kashan                                   

(b) Mauryan Empire

(c) Vijaynagar Empire             

(d) Mughal Empire

45.   Among the Indian language, which one is spoken maximum in the world after Hindi?

(a) Telugu                                    

(b) Tamil

(c) Bengali                                   

(d) Malayalam

46.   Which one of the following is the first National established in India?

(a) Bandipur                               

(b) Corbett

(c) Velavadar                             

(d) Periyar

47.   In which of the following places was Asia's first Export Processing Zone (Epz) set up?

(a) Santa Cruz                            

(d) Kandala

(c) Cochin                                    

(d) Surat

48.   The largest man – made canal in the world is

(a) Rhine Canal                          

(b) Panama Canal

(c) Suez Canal                            

(d) None of these

49.   The headquarters of International Atomic Energy Agency is located in

(a) Geneva                                 

(b) Washington DC

(c) Vienna                                   

(d) London

50.   The first newspaper in India was started by

(a) Dadabhai Naroji                 

(b) J A Hickey

(c) Lord William Bentik           

(d) Rabindranath Tagor

51.   The first Muslim President of the Indian National Congress was

(a) Md Ali Jinnah                      

(b)Baduddin Tayyabji

(c)Sir Sayyed Ahmed Khan   

(d) Abul Kalam Azad

52.   The headquarters of ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) is situated at

(a) Beijing                                    

(b) Mexico

(c) Kuala Lumpur                      

(d) Jakarta

53.   The first newspaper published in English language was

(a) The Bengal Gazette          

(b) The Hindu

(c) Young India                          

(d) Native Opinion

54.   The territory of Poducherry lies divided in the state of.

(a) Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra

(b) Tamil Nadu, Karanataka and Kerala

(c) Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh

(d) Tamil Nadu, Karanataka and Goa

55.   The Book "Mother India" was written by

(a) Catherine Mayo                 

(b) Lala Lajpat Rai

(c) Bal Gangadhar Tilak          

(d) Bipin Chandra Pal

56.   Folklands Islands has been a disputed territory between.

(a) Britain and Chile                 

(b) Britain and Argentina

(c) Argentina and Chile          

(d) Mexico and USA

57.   Vautawang Falls is located in

(a) Mizoram                               

(b) Manipur

(c) Arunachal Pradesh            

(d) Tripura

58.   Earth Day is observed on

(a) April 22                                  

(b) April 18

(c) April 23                                   

(d) April 30

59.   The first woman to scale the world's 14 highest mountains is

(a) Dorothy Height                  

(b) Oh Eun – Sun

(c) Aditi Malik                            

(d) None of these

60.   The first Lokpal Bill was introduced in the parliament in

(a) May 1968                              

(b) May 1980

(c) July 1982                                

(d) June 1985

61.   D Oliverria Trophy is associated with

(a) Cricket                                   

(b) Hockey

(c) Chess                                      

(d) Football

62.   Matatilla Multi – purpose project is located on

(a) River Betwa                         

(b) River Rinand

(c) River Tapti                            

(d) River Mahi

63.   "Romanizing with Life" is a book written by

(a) Dilip Kumar                          

(b) Debasheesh Dutta

(c) Dev Anand                           

(d) Hema Malini

64.   Which of the following cities is situated on the river Hudson?

(a) Paris                                        

(b) New York

(c) London                                  

(d) Montreal

65.   Four Nobel Truths are associated with

(a) Jainism                                   

(b) Hinduism

(c) Buddhism                             

(d) None of these

66.   Who was the chairman of special committee to examine the Draft constitution of India?

(a) Dr B R Ambedkar

(b) Sir Alladi Krishnaswary lyer

(c) Sardar Patel     


(d) Jawaharlal Neharu

67.   The headquarters of Central Water Tribunal is located on

(a) Kolkata                                  

(b) Delhi

(c) Mumbai                                 

(d) Chennai

68.   When was SAARC established?

(a) December 8, 1984             

(b) January 1, 1984

(c) December 8, 1985             

(d) January 1, 1985

69.   The provision of contingency Fund of India has been made under

(a) Article 266                            

(b) Article 265

(c) Article 267                             

(d) Article 268

70.   Which of the following is known as 'Queen of Adriatic'?

(a) Stockholm                            

(b) Chicago

(c) Venice                                    

(d) Rome

71.   Who is known as the Father of Sanskrit Grammar?

(a) Stockholm                            

(b) Chicago

(c) Venice                                    

(d) Rome            

72.   Who among the following was not moderate

(a) Bal Gangadhar Tialk          

(b) Dadabhai Naoroji

(c) Feroz Shah Mehta             

(d) G K Gokhale

73.   Which of the following volcanoes is situated in Mexico?

(a) Colema                                  

(b) Purance

(c) Sameru                                  

(d) Etna

74.   Ebrahim Alkazi is a well known personality from the field of

(a) Folk Dance                           

(b) Thatre

(c) Business                                                

(d) None of these

75.   Parliament passed special Economic Zones Act in

(a) 2000                                        

(b) 2005

(c) 2008                                        

(d) 2004

76.   Who among the following was not the Vice-President of India?

(a) Zakir Husain                         

(b) GS Pathak

(c) Neealm Sanjeev Reddy  

(d) Mohd Hidayatullah

77.   South Asian Free Trade Agreement came into force on

(a) January 1, 2006                   

(b) March 15, 2008

(c) December 10, 2009           

(d) April 11, 2005

78.   How many seats have been reserved for scheduled castes in Lok Sabha?

(a) 69                                             

(b) 73

(c) 79                                             

(d) 84

79.   The host city for 31st Olympic Games in 2016 in

(a) Chicago                                  

(b) Moscow

(c) Rio – de – Janerio              

(d) Manila

80.   Who amongst the following has developed the concept of Human Development Index?

(a) Amarty Sen                          

(b) A S Kadir

(c) Alva Myrdal                          

(d) Mehboob – ul – Haq

81.   The headquarter of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is located in

(a) Kenya                                     

(b) Washington

(c) Moscow                                                

(d) Tokyo

82.   Which of the following is the main purpose of "know your customer Guidelines" by RBI?

      (a) To keep a check on money launching

      (b) To keep a check on money flow in market

(c) To bring more and more people in income tax net

(d) To know their customer well

83.   In world milk production, India ranks

(a) First                                         

(b) Second

(c) Third                                       

(d) Fourth

84.   Optical Fibre works on the principle of

(a) Total internal reflection 

(b) Refraction

(c) Scattering                             

(d) Interference

85.   Two smallest continent of the world are

(a) Australia and Antarctica  

(b) Antarctica and Europe

(c) Australia and Europe       

(d) Australia and South America   

86.   Shipkila is the famaous mountain pass of

(a) Himachal Pradesh             

(b) Jammu and Kashmir

(c) Sikkim                                     

(d) Uttarakhand

87.   Area wise which one of the following is the largest Lok Sabha constituency?

(a) Kutch                                      

(b) Kangra

(c) Ladakh                                   

(d) Patna Saheb

88.   The Strait which Separated North and South Island's of New Zealand in

(a) Foveaus strait                     

(b) Bass strait

(c) Cood strait                            

(d) Toores strait

89.   The first fully Indian Bank is

(a) Canara Bank                        

(b) Punjab National Bank

(c) State Bank of India            

(d) Central Bank of India

90.   The audible frequency range of human ear is

(a) 20 hertz to 200 hertz        

(b) 2 hertz to 20 hertz

(c) 200 hertz to 2000 hertz   

(d) 20 hertz to 20000 hertz

91.   Tropical cyclone  of South China Sea termed as

(a) Typhoon                               

(b) Willy – willy

(c) Hurricane                              

(d) Bagnio

92.   The tropic of cancer does not pass through

(a) Sudan                                     

(b) Algeria

(c) Niger                                       

(d) Vibya

93.   The Territorial jurisdiction of Guwahati High Court does not cover

(a) Assam                                    

(b) Manipur

(c) Sikkim                                     

(d) Arunachal Pradesh

94.   The Source of Energy of the sun is

(a) Nuclear Fission                   

(b) Nuclear Fusion

(c) Collision of atoms              

(d) Chemical Reactions

95.   Who discovered the nucleus?

(a) James Chadwick                                

(b) J J Thomson

(c) Henry Rutherford              

(d) Bohr                

96.   The largest producer of rubber in India is

(a) Asom                                      

(b) Karnataka

(c) Kerala                                     

(d) Maharashtra

97.   Viluius is the capital of

(a) Estonia                                   

(b) Macedonia

(c) Eriteree                                 

(d) Lithuania

98.   First Municipal corporation was set up in 1687 in

(a) Bombay                                 

(b) Allahabad

(c) Madras                                  

(d) Calcutta

99.   The first person to travel twice to space is

(a) Suman Sharma                   

(b) Charles Simonyi

(c) David Kellermann              

(d) None of these


Answer sheet

1 (c)

2 (d)

3 (c)

4 (a)

5 (d)

6 (c)

7 (b)

8 (a)

9 (a)

10 (d)

11 (d)

12 (c)

13 (d)

14 (a)

15 (d)

16 (d)

17 (d)

18 (c)

19 (a)

20 (c)

21 (d)

22 (a)

23 (d)

24 (b)

25 (b)

26 (a)

27 (c)

28 (c)

29 (c)

30 (c)

31 (b)

32 (d)

33 (c)

34 (c)

35 (d)

36 (c)

37 (c)

38 (a)

39 (b)

40 (b)

41 (d)

42 (d)

43 (b)

44 (c)

45 (c)

46 (a)

47 (b)

48 (c)

49 (c)

50 (b)

51 (b)

52 (d)

53 (a)

54 (c)

55 (a)

56 (b)

57 (a)

58 (b)

59 (a)

60 (a)

61 (a)

62 (a)

63 (c)

64 (b)

65 (c)

66 (b)

67 (b)

68 (c)

69 (c)

70 (c)

71 (a)

72 (a)

73 (a)

74 (b)

75 (b)

76 (c)

77 (a)

78 (d)

79 (c)

80 (d)

81 (a)

82 (d)

83 (a)

84 (a)

85 (c)

86 (a)

87 (c)

88 (c)

89 (b)

90 (d)

91 (a)

92 (a)

93 (c)

94 (b)

95 (c)

96 (c)

97 (d)

98 (b)

99 (b)